Are Clenbuterol Legal?

clenbuterolAt this juncture, Clenbuterol has been stopped from being prescribed by doctors in the USA but many countries still use it to treat asthma or as a bronchodilator. Clenbuterol is a stimulant and not any legal steroid. In Australia using it for personal gains or even selling it has been banned but the UK allows clen to be used. UK is allowed because it falls in the category of Class C drugs that are least harsh. In the USA, it has been banned by FDA to be used in drugs, supplements, or meat. Although this is not any controlled substance which means the pills can be possessed and purchased legally. Companies selling it in the United States sell it as research chemicals. These come in various forms like tablets, injectable forms, nasal sprays, and liquids.

Is clen legal?

Clen is available on the internet but the FDA does not approve it for use by humans. It has somewhat approved only for use in animals, that too those that suffer from all kinds of respiratory conditions. Currently, in the US, it is available for use by humans only on prescription. The World agency of Anti-doping has banned it and the committee on international Olympics has followed suit as well.

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Prohibited amount dependent on the exact location

Clen has been banned in the UK as well as the US. However, it has been approved only for treating ailments that are related to the lungs. In the UK and Canada, it is not considered illegal possessing or buying clen for private utilization. However, if you have the intention of acting as a supplier or selling it then you can be reprimanded for it. . In the US, horses can be administered the drug legally by veterinarians but humans cannot use it. Under any circumstance, clen is not at all acceptable legally for the purpose of food preparation, medicinal treatment, bodybuilding, and weight loss.

Clen can be bought outside the USA in Bulgaria, Russia and China. Most of the countries have similar rules as what the US has which means it is a substance that has not been banned but is used for treating respiratory conditions only in animals.

Reasons to ban clen for human use

Clen always was approved for treating the respiratory conditions on the horses. This possesses properties that are very similar to albuterol which is another bronchodilator. This has been found to be very useful for all kinds of ailments related to respiratory tracts in animals. Clen was developed especially for horses and not just for treating conditions related to respiration. But, those people that ate livestock and eventually took up clen, fell ill. Soon the medical experts began to study side effects that horses underwent and it became lucid that clen is indeed dangerous.

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