Are Clenbuterol Safe?

clenbuterolWhile there are tons of benefits whereby you lose weight, never feel fatigued, and are able to spend the most amount of time in the gym yet there are demerits if using Clen. It cannot be tagged hundred percent safe. It is a beta stimulant that is powerful and has stimulatory effects on nervous system. Some of the side effects include vascular effects like heart attacks, emotional and psychological issues, tremors, sweating, inability to sleep (insomnia), and dry mouth. Vascular side effects have shown up within clen’s use. Long-term effects include left since cardiac atrophy. This means that there is a high probability that heart muscle walls degrade and lead to heart attacks in most rare cases. It must be noted that eating meat that has clen fed, can cause heart attacks even.

The way clen works

The drug elevates the rate of metabolism due to the stimulating effect it has and that leads to higher calorie rates being burnt. The airway muscles are affected by it and this makes them a lot more efficient besides relaxed. This allows for an increased level of blood flow and oxygen to the muscles while providing a lot of nutrients. It increases the ability of the body to have the glycogen metabolized and the efficiency to burn fat. There is a repartitioning effect because of this that reduces the level of fats, whilst increasing and preserving muscle mass, simultaneously.

Some of the studies conducted by a journal stated that all the research that links clen and the anabolic effects that it supposedly has, come from animal studies. It has been concluded that in order to achieve similar effects for humans, the dose has to be larger considerably hence it is unsafe.

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The legality

Clen is available readily on the internet but this has no approval by FDA so that humans could use it but only for animals that suffer from respiratory functions. WADA has banned it and the IOC as well because it is a drug that enhances performances hence if a competing athlete has sporting events, then they need to avoid clen at all costs because they run risks of a ban or disqualification.

The safety factor

While there are many benefits of clen that exist for users that are using it in short term there are many side effects outweighing the good effects as well. These include vascular effects causing heart attacks, emotional issues and psychological stresses, insomnia, tremors, sweating, palpitations, anxiety, and heart rate that increases. Heart walls can degrade with time and there can be a massive heart attack in the rarest scenarios. The beta-stimulant can get dangerous because of the stimulatory effects which it imposes on the nervous system. One may feel anxious, nervous, and agitated.

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