Can You Stack Anavar And Winstrol


Yes, you can and the combination is considered being the best solution when an individual wants to receive an overall development.

This is because Winstrol can help the body by enhancing the performance of physical activities.

However, this typical effect cannot be provided by Anavar. That is why, bodybuilders and athletes tend to take, the two of them together, which will help them enhance their performance, in a positive way.

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How does the Anavar and Winstrol cycle help?

The Winstrol-Anavar is an ideal cycle, and it will offer optimal results, and Winstrol is an attractive supplement which helps in providing its effect at a greater speed. Therefore, it is recommended to take the drug with Anavar, which is another supplement that is safe to use. The combination of both the drugs, will offer positive and satisfactory results, and prevent the cause of negative effects to take place. However, this duo can offer their positivity, through numerous ways:

→ For cutting cycle: The use of Anavar and Winstrol in this process is considered being the best solution, to receive accurate results. When consuming, individuals are requested to intake 20mg-30mg of Anavar, with 30mg-60mg of Winstrol, and 120mcg-160mcg of Clenbuterol. This process is requested to be in taken per day for 6 weeks, through which an individual will receive positive results for the cutting cycle, during the workout sessions.

→ Bodybuilder cycle under 80kg: This process is also considered a perfect method, for bodybuilders who do not over 80kg, and it cutting for an upcoming competition, for over 10 weeks. With 60mg of Winstrol for 10 weeks, 30mg per day of Anavar for 4 weeks, and 140mcg of Clenbuterol for 10 weeks is the perfect dosage cycle. Therefore, Anavar is used for the first 4 weeks, to serve as a regulator for Winstrol to give a maximum boost, for it takes effect in the last remaining weeks. This cycle can be too much, for the liver to take, and for such cases, protection of hepatoprotection is required.

→ For weight loss: There is basically no difference for weight loss against cutting, as it requires a good diet and the training to experience the difference. Therefore, in order to lose weight Winstrol is recommended to be used by individuals. On a 10-week cycle, the dosage should be a 100mg of Winstrol, with 20mg-30mg of Anavar for every two days, for the first 4 weeks. However, adding 140mcg of Clenbuterol per day and 200mg of Primobolan Depot per week. It is requested that you follow this cycle, with high-protein food supplements, and take hepatoprotection for your liver.

→ Usage for women: For women to receive their accurate results, it will be a good choice to study the cycle system, and prevent the cause of virilization. In the 8-week cycle, all women are requested to take, pure substances to avoid side-effects and gain lean mass.

On a 56-day basis, 10mg of Anavar for 42 days, 10mg of Winstrol from 15 till 56th day, along with 50mg of Primobolan per week is requested to be added, in the entire cycle. This cycle is considered to be the best out of all the cycles for women, where they will lose weight and have it fully dry.

Use the combination as instructed by the doctor

It is important for you to follow the cycle of this Winstrol and Anavar combination, as it is directed by the doctor. The combination of these two drugs has been studied for the use of bodybuilding and weight loss programs, and the outcome has been very positive.

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