Does Trenbolone Raise Testosterone Levels?

Shop for the best trenbolone alternative onlineNo, trenbolone does not increase testosterone levels but works as a replacement to provide stronger and lean muscles.

Highly powerful

Keeping the above words intact, trenbolone happens to be five times powerful, then testosterone as the anabolic rating of testosterone is 100:100, whereas the trenbolone stands in 500:500, respectively. However, trenbolone is considered being extremely powerful, and also carries high-risk factors as well. Therefore, the reason individuals take trenbolone is to receive massive muscle and increase the strength, stamina, and energy, in the process.

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How does Trenbolone work?

Unlike providing you with lean muscle, trenbolone can do much more than testosterone cannot. The steroid has the power to increase nitrogen retention, which happens to be the building blocks of protein, and in return, protein is the building blocks of the muscles. The higher is the presence of nitrogen, the higher will be the protein in the muscles, which will make them grow. Another thing, trenbolone can do is increase the production, of the red blood cells along with its count.

This is because, the blood cells carry the flow of oxygen in the muscles, which in return offers the strength, endurance, and stamina, which is required during the heavy work out sessions. However, trenbolone can also be stacked with testosterone, which is used by bodybuilders during pre-competitions.

Why use trenbolone?

Since testosterone does not have the power, of providing such insane results in a short time, or any time soon, trenbolone will enable you to receive significant muscles, feel much stronger and powerful, with no adverse side-effects. Therefore, when talking about side-effects, it will entirely depend on the tren cycle you follow, overall, it is the only anabolic steroid, which can provide all-in-one results. No matter how strong or powerful it is, the steroid will definitely provide the type of positive outcome, which one desires.

Understanding the dosage cycle of trenbolone

The dosage cycle or tren cycle has three parts namely, beginner, intermediate and advanced. If the use of trenbolone is new to you, it is better to start with the beginner stage. Existing users can take the intermediate level or take the advanced level. Therefore, the advanced level should only be opted, if you are an experienced individual, or have crossed the first to levels. The beginner level will allow you to take a dose of 300mg per week, the intermediate level is of 400mg, and the advance level is 500mg per week, respectively.

Things to keep in mind before taking trenbolone

It is highly requested that you do not overdose or abuse the steroid when you do not carry proper knowledge about it. This is because, taking a dose of 1000mg or more will lead to a serious set of consequences, which will turn the tables on your health. The steroid is not like any other anabolic drug; it is very dangerous and requires the assistance of an expert. Although the drug is used by bodybuilders and athletes, it is important that you follow the instructions of a professional, and not take matters in your own hands.


Trenbolone is very powerful and strong than testosterone, and the steroid is also illegal for its serious side-effects and other risks involved. You are advised to consume this steroid, as it is directed to you, and not to overdose the steroid, at any cost.

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