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folexin_bottleSince my late teens, I had been suffering from lots of hair-related problems. Obviously, I wanted wavy locks like Rapunzel but was not able to achieve such a feat. My hair was thinning and there seemed to be no hair loss cure. There was frequent hair fall. Moreover, I found it difficult styling my hair with various accessories.

I was looking for the best hair growth supplement and then one of my close friends told me about Folexin. There are practically a host of benefits that I have experienced taking this safe biotin hair growth supplement. But firstly, I would like to share a word or two about my hair-related issues.

Hair thinning and hair falling problems I faced

The issues could be hereditary. They could be also due to lack of sleep or proper diets, as dermatologists and experienced hair experts like to put it forward. At the end of the day, it is really a hit against your confidence at a tender age because you are unable to regrow your hair.

The hair on top of my head was becoming less dense. Also, the number of split ends was too many. I tried various home remedies for hair growth treatment but all those were in vain. A little bit of reading was helpful in knowing that hair falls due to deficiency vitamin B5 in the scalp. I desperately required the best hair vitamins in order to process the treatment for baldness.

The advice I am grateful to – recommendation of Folexin

Sarah, one of my dear friends, understood the issues I was facing and told me to try out Folexin, regarded as a natural supplement for hair growth. It is considered by many young girls and even middle-aged women to be the best solution for hair loss.

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Main ingredients/nutrients in Folexin

I would like to talk about the exact nutrients or ingredients that Folexin has, making it a top biotin supplement in the market. Even extensive hair loss treatment reviews sing huge praises for Folexin, as they are indeed the best hair regrowth pills giving excellent results.

How Folexin’s Biotin helped me

The common name for biotin is vitamin B7. High-grade biotin for hair is always recommended by renowned hair experts, anywhere in the world. Besides having a balanced diet daily comprising of meat, dairy products, nut and green vegetables, I took biotin pills as recommended by my certified hair consultant. The results, to be honest, were amazing and still becoming stronger with each passing day.

Biotin actually works with sulfur present in the body, in creating a refined chemical that helps to strengthen hair, and treat bald spots effectively. With regular dosage of Folexin, I experienced a great improvement in hair regrowth.

Folic Acid creates magic for me, too

Folic acid, the other name for which is vitamin B9, is also present in abundance in hair loss supplements for women. The hair expert told me that with regular intake of Folexin, the folic acid of the pills would create red blood cells, i.e. RBCs in my body in more number, improving the blood supply to all parts of the body including the scalp. Particularly, the follicles in under my scalp receive more oxygen through a better blood flow. The result is now I spend more time styling my hair in whichever way I like.

Fo-Ti in Folexin – another incredible ingredient

Fo-Ti has a scientific name – Polygonum multiflorum. It is mainly found in specific herbal plants. Folexin has extracts of Fo-Ti that are very effective detoxification properties. I had bouts of depression and Fo-Ti in Folexin helped me in tackling it, too. As depression is linked with hair loss, so the certified hair supplements with Fo-Ti genuinely stopped my hair loss issues and made my scalp healthier.

Saw Palmetto is yet another ‘hero’ in the ingredient list

Loss of hair is also related to some interplay of genes you receive from your parents. I had the knowledge about this fact. This is yet another reason why I specifically began to take top hair growth pills in form of Folexin, as the pills have Saw Palmetto, a superb ingredient that counters genetic factors that stops hair growth. It is extremely effective in blocking the harmful enzyme technically known as 5α-R that seems to be instrumental in causing hair loss. The results in the long term are, needless to say, amazing.

Am I forgetting about Ascorbic acid?

It would be huge mistake if I don’t mention about the tremendous role ascorbic acid (our very own vitamin C!) present in Folexin plays in rejuvenating healthy hair. Safe and good hair growth pills such as Folexin supplements have magically helped my body to absorb iron in a better way, providing the follicles under the scalp additional nutrients to become stronger.

Shall you completely ignore hair coloring?

I would say, approach with caution. The artificial pigments present in hair colors are harmful for your follicles. The effect of taking best hair growth pills for black hair would be countered by such synthetic pigments. It is better to restrict using such techniques frequently. But, of course, you can color your hair on special festive occasions. Keep in mind to consult with an experienced hair stylist when you consider such things.

Maintaining the hair care routine

When I look back and ponder about what exactly worked in my favor, one of the main points is diligently maintaining the routine. I never missed taking the Folexin supplements as per the dosage instructions. I knew the crisis I was facing and put a sincere effort to tackle it. Folexin helped me a lot in regaining not only beautiful locks of silky hair, but also my confidence.

With Folexin, you create an identity for your hair

Experimenting with different remedies, at home or otherwise, would not show the desired results for your hair. The best things to do is, as my experience vouches for it, purchase certified Folexin pills from a top online store, and take them following a prescribed dosage.

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