How Can I Prevent Gray Hairs?

folexin_bottleThere is particularly no process to prevent graying or even to reverse graying. While there may be simple steps that one can take to avoid premature graying.

What is the reason for graying of hair?

Expert physicians say low B12 levels can cause a lessening of hair pigments in other words graying. Low levels of pantothenic acid also can cause hair graying. There was a time when hair graying occurred to only older people, but this was a long-time back scenario. However, now in our present-day due to high-stress levels and pollution hair graying is seen among girls as young as 16. Today this hair graying has become an important concern. Moreover, for this reason, thousands of people, men, and women alike, are seeking medication.

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(1)Reducing Stress can help towards preventing graying of hair

One should take short vacations frequently to keep the stress in check. As stress becomes the first culprit if there are sudden massive changes in life. This also indirectly affects the hair. So one should try to learn to manage stress and handle the time nicely.

(2)Eating Right can also solve your graying problems

There is a mandatory need for everybody to eat right. The balance diet should contain a daily pack of proteins. The reason lies in Keratin. It is the constituent of the hair and nails. The diet should also include spinach, dairy products like cheese, milk, butter, etc. However, if one dislikes dairy products, then one can go for low-fat ice cream or better yet, protein supplements.

(3)Quit Smoking for a better lifestyle and reverse graying

You should know when to kick that butt. Stop the habit of smoking immediately to prevent hair graying. A cigarette contains carcinogens or cancer-causing elements that can affect your hair follicles too.

(4)Regularly check the Thyroid Levels during this graying stage

Individual who are having thyroid malfunctions such as hyperactive or low secretions are prone graying of hair. So one should keep thyroid level checked.

(5)Stop using the harsher shampoos to prevent graving

You can switch to mild shampoos and better yet to organic shampoos to prevent graying. The harsh chemicals in the shampoos and conditioner affect the component of the pigment and cause hair fall too.

(6)Oil the hair regularly for betterment of hair

The dry, dehydrated hair gives way to graying of hair. If there is a loss of moisture, it will also cause hair graying. Therefore, you should oil your hair regularly for achieving good results. You can also treat yourself to hair spas to see a better hair condition. However, do not use perfumed hair oils as it causes hair graying.

Folexin can prevent graying with its perfect balance of composition

Folexin contains different biotin supplements and other dietary nourishments available in capsule or in tablet form. This chemical product also contains other essential vitamins as well. It is the reverse graying agent and works nicely for the regeneration of new hair in the scalp. Doctors highly recommend this product as it is completely safe.

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