How Much Hair Loss Is Normal in the Shower?

folexin_bottleIt is normal to lose one hundred to hundred-and-fifty hair strands in the shower. A few people can lose less or more than this number, depending on their age, scalp health, and other factors.

Thinning of hair at first

You don’t begin to lose many strands of hair shower at a young age. Without proper care of hair, it initially begins to become unhealthy. The thickness gets affected, but the scalp does not become visible. If you are a woman, then the hair on the top of the head becomes thin in a few months. The reasons can be numerous, like deficiency of proteins or depression. Under the shower, you lose around a hundred hair strands.

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When the hair loss in the shower increases

As time passes by, without any hair-care, the rate of hair loss increases. The number of lost hair strands is more when it happens. You start losing around three hundred, or even five hundred hair strands in the shower. It is no doubt an abnormal incidence of hair loss. Of course, you don’t count the number of hair strands! But by observing the bathroom floor, you can guess that the rate of hair loss has markedly increased.

Folexin helps to maintain normal hair loss in the shower

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Proper combing is crucial

When you are in a rush during office time, combing wet hair is prevalent. But combing damp hair just after the shower is not at all a conducive idea. The hair becomes more brittle and quickly falls out. At the time of taking your next shower, you may notice that your hair loss is not normal anymore. You can lose more than two hundred strands of hair. You need to dry your hair with a clean towel with gentle presses. Use a comb with well-separated teeth to set your hair without any hurry.

Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair

Shampoos contain corrosive chemicals in many cases. You must make it sure to purchase a mild shampoo for your hair. Buying a shampoo with medicinal properties is a logical step. Don’t use the shampoo daily; otherwise, your hair loss problem in the shower may become more serious. Use the shampoo, not more than twice or thrice each week. Don’t get unnecessarily tensed by seeing the extra strands of lost hair while shampooing. It is natural to lose some more hair than usual whenever you apply shampoo. Don’t forget to dry your hair at first, before combing it with soft strokes.

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