How Much Weight Can You Lose on Anavar?

anvarolAn individual can lose weight up to 4 pounds of weight, and increase 7-pounds of muscle mass if they take 20mg of Anavar per day in a 12-week trial. 

This is because, Anavar severely decreases the thyroid-binding globulin concentration, and increases the thyroxine-binding prealbumin. In simple words, it means that the thyroid hormone T3 is used by the cells more and T3 happens to be the hormone responsible for metabolism. The increasingly intaking the T3 by the cells indicates, that an individual may lose a good amount of body fat when using Anavar.

Explaining Anavar

The Anavar is a type of medicine, which helps in delivering ripped, hard and strong muscles at a faster pace, and is probably the safest steroid ever to exist. Therefore, Anavar is widely used and is popular among women, as they are proved their effectiveness in the process of weight loss. The Anavar for women is similar to the testosterone in men, and the medicine has is completely safe for women to use them.

The importance of weight loss with the help of Anavar can be provided to you in a bit more detail, through the information below.

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1.  Dieting with the help of Anavar

Anavar has shown its magic through the dieting or cutting cycle, and its main function is to enhance the performance of a person. The fact is very true when women face a tough time losing their weight than men since their gender has in-built testosterone in their body. Unlike women, they need the help of additional supplements or medicine to get out of the situation. This is where Anavar comes in, and offers a push by enhancing the performance, making their body to corporate in losing weight.

2. The duration and dosage

It is important for one person to follow the strict rules when using Anavar since it is more a drug than a medicine. In order to reduce weight, women are requested to take a dosage between 10mg-20mg per day. It is better to start with a lower portion and increase the dosage with patience and time. The use of Anavar will provide its results within 4-6 weeks of use, and one can continue for 8 weeks in order to receive a satisfactory result.

  3. The side-effects of Anavar

Anavar is a type of medicine or drug, which offers a mild effect, but it does have its own set of side effects. The side-effects are considered to be low in risk, however, it is important to not let go of a little bit of concern as well. Side-effects like deepening of the voice, increasing body hair, oilskin, stomach cramps, bloating, and nausea are some of them. These side effects are temporary, but you are advised to follow the strict guidance of a doctor, in order to reduce the risk of the side effects.

Things to remember about using avanar

The use of Anavar is illegal in the US, and you are highly requested to not use such medicines when you carry no knowledge about them. It is understandable, what too much weight can do on a woman’s body, but in order to receive positive results, you are requested to have a word with a doctor.

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