Is Anavar Good For Weight Loss?

anvarolAnavar is a synthetic androgenic steroid that is extremely beneficial in reducing weight by burning the day mass. A number of steroids have different working principles. However, Anavar directly targets the body’s fat mass by enhancing lipolysis.

What is Anavar and how does it help?

Anavar or chemically oxandrolone is a synthetic anabolic steroid with mild uses effect which actually helps in increasing the body is muscle mass, physic, and stamina. What makes Anavar even more beneficial is its various medicinal uses.

Anavar is highly recommended for all those diseases when muscle wasted muscle losses experienced. For example, it is a great substitute to reduce muscle loss in HIV AIDS. Also, its milder nature leads to minimal side effects.

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Anavars are generally taking orally as per the recommended dosages and cycles. Once inside the body starts reacting to Anavar similar to how it reacts with high testosterone surges. An extreme rapid increase in metabolism is experienced. This rapid increase of metabolism leads to increased breakdown of the body’s fat tissues (by targeted lipolysis) finally leading to a more comprehensive muscle build-up.

Also, Anavar significantly improves blood flow and heart conditions when taken in. This is due to the fact that once it increases the metabolism the muscle and fat breakdown hastens. This needs to be accompanied by a heavy supply of oxygen. Thus the bodily production of red blood cells carrying oxygen increases. All these comprehensive effects lead to the cutting-edge muscle development by Anavar.

What is the daily recommended dosage?

Anavar is a milder steroid with low concentrations of synthetic steroids. Thus Anavar alone cannot give you that cutting-edge body. You need to streamline the Anavar administration by maintaining a proper diet.
Generally, for men, the recommended dose comes around 50 to 80mgs a day. The half shelf life for Anavar is around 8 hours so a regimen of ‘twice daily’ has to be followed for administration. For beginners, an average-sized person should take around 50 mg a day. However, in case you are using for a prolonged time, or if you are slightly on the bulkier or larger size, you can use 60 to 80mgs a day.

Women who are using Anavar as a steroid should not even go anywhere near 50mgs a day of dosage. Generally, the recommended dosage for women is around 5 to 20mgs a day. And the administration should be twice a day after at least 10 hours. For beginners start with 5mgs a day and you can slowly increase the amount.

As for the cycle, the recommended cycle is 4 to 6 weeks for both male and female followed by a must PCT Cycle. However, sometimes depending on how it feels the cycle can be increased and taken up to 8 weeks as well.

Are there any possible side effects?

All steroids have certain side effects. However, a milder one like Anavar has some common effects like hair loss, baldness, acne blast, changing in skin colour, etc. However, prolonged use or overdose might lead to heart issues, strokes, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, and even infertility. So, while using Anavar stick to the daily dosage and PCT cycle stringently.

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