Is Anavar Safe?

anvarolYes, Anavar is completely safe to use by both men and women, since it is a mild steroid, and does not carry any potential risks when compared to other types of drugs.

The steroid is popular in the health and fitness community, and rather than men, women seem to benefit from the steroid much more.

At certain occasions, the steroids are often labeled as “VAR” and it is the only drug that is taken orally. According to its androgenic ratio, it stands at 322-630:24, and its molecular weight is 306.4442 g/ml.

Things to know about Anavar

The steroid is used by men, women, elderly and even children, in order to gain weight or prevent weight loss. The drug has proved itself to be effective, in several medical conditions including chronic infection, trauma, and recovering from surgery.

It has helped in easing the pain, which is present in the bones. Although, it cannot help in the prevention of bone loss, which is caused by osteoporosis, but will make it bearable. The drug is consumed differently by both men and women. This is because, in order to receive the satisfactory results, men are directed to in-take the drug much more than the original dosage. Therefore, women on the other hand, has to take the normal dosage, to receive positive results.

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The doctor is responsible to prescribe the dosage of the drug, and the use of Anavar without a prescription is illegal. The dosage for bodybuilders depends on the tolerance and familiarity of the steroid. Beginners are advised to take a dosage between 15mg-25mg per day, Intermediates should intake 20mg-80mg per day. As for the advanced users, they are requested to take a dosage of 80mg per day and keep a cap of 100mg per day.

The beginners who proceed towards the second or third week can increase their dosage to 50mg per day, and Intermediates are requested to not exceed more than 100mg.

Women bodybuilders are requested, to start with a lesser quantity and take around 10mg per day. This is because, since women are sensitive than men too much dosage will be harmful and risky for women. The dosage is requested to be increased, based on the results and side-effects it has provided. Women have advised taking a dosage of this drug not more than 50mg per day, and the cycle takes about 4-6 weeks to complete.

The side effects

Just like all steroids, Anavar too provides side effects to the user, and according to the dosages taken, you will experience the side effects accordingly.

Therefore, overdose should be strictly prevented, and individuals of both genders should follow the instructions of the doctor. When a low dosage is taken, there will be a chance of a moderate side-effect to take place, which are not universal.

Vomiting, headaches, nausea are of the side-effects, which an individual experience normally. At certain occasions, acne breakout, hair loss, and changes in the skin color are other types of side-effects. If the condition becomes severe, you must stop in taking the steroid, and get in touch with a doctor, immediately.

Final thoughts on Anavar

Anavar is now one of the most popular and famous supplements, which is consumed by many individuals around the globe. The drug is completely safe, but you are advised to use it just like you are instructed, and get to fulfill your goal.

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