What Are the First Signs of Balding?

folexin_bottleThe first signs of balding are receding hairlines, the deteriorating health of hair. The hair on your crown may become thinner, and more inferior in quality. It may also lose shine in quick time.

Change in hairline

If you are a man, the changing hairline is a crucial signal that you have started to suffer from balding. There are various ways the hairline recedes and depends on the age, health, etc. of the person. If you are in your mid-twenties and your hairline is receding from sides, then male pattern baldness can be the cause. The tuft of hair on both sides of the head grows weaker. Hair begins to fall out from those areas and becomes less dense. Extreme physical stress can also cause this type of baldness in men.

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Lesser crown hair

Losing hair from your crown can be another sign of balding. Too much dandruff and emotional stress are responsible for such a condition. It does not occur in a few days but aggravates gradually. First, the hair on the crown becomes lackluster; then it becomes thinner. After that, it becomes brittle and begins to fall at an alarming rate. Slowly the crown area of your head becomes less dense, and the scalp skin is visible. It may happen due to severe mental stress or depression, depending on the type of person.

Hair-part becoming wider

Generally, wider hair-part is a signal of balding for women, not men. The hair on top of the head grows less shiny, and thinner. Eventually, it begins to fall regularly, making baldness noticeable. If you are a woman in mid-thirties, you can suffer from this type of alopecia. The signal appears due to many factors like emotional shock, pregnancy, hormone imbalance, etc.

Too much hair-fall during showers

While taking showers, an excessive rate of hair loss is also a crucial sign of balding. When you are pouring water on your head, your hair is bound to fall if it is weak. Thin and unhealthy hair falls quickly under showers. It is a regular phenomenon that many people come across. Also, combing just after taking a bath make weak hair falling out. These things are initial signs of balding and need quick remedies.

Food and exercises to tackle balding

A balanced dietary intake of vitamins and proteins can prevent baldness at an early age. It can also revive lost hair on the scalp. Adding exercise to one’s daily routine is also helpful in this context. You can concentrate on the intake of vitamins, proteins, and iron by consuming animal and dairy products. Light exercises like jogging and cycling help a great deal in weakening the early signs of baldness.

Folexin can fight early signs of balding

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