What Causes Your Hair to Fall Out?

folexin_bottleMany factors are causing your hair to fall out, such as dandruff, physical stress, emotional stress, etc. Heredity and vitamin B deficiency are also reasons for the same. 


Heredity is the reason for the male pattern or female pattern baldness. If your mother’s side or father’s side has had pattern baldness, then you are bound to inherit it. It has a technical name – androgenic alopecia. It begins from a particular age, mostly from the mid-twenties. In the case of men, the hairline gradually recedes. For women, baldness occurs through the widening of hair-part. 

Emotional stress

Emotional stress is another significant factor for your hair to fall out. Emotional stress can be of many types, depression being the most severe variety. The stress attacks profoundly on hair follicles, making those weak and lackluster. In due time, the hair becomes thinner and brittle, losing its shine. Depression often aggravates the problem of hair loss in emotionally vulnerable people. To prevent such an event, it is essential to consult for therapy sessions. 


Anemia, or lack of iron in the body, is one of the crucial causes of hair loss. Iron deficiency is more prevalent in women; hence, they are affected more. Constant fatigue and dizziness are symptoms of anemia that require treatment. If you suffer from these, it is rational to go for a blood test and take the necessary remedies. 

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Vitamin B deficiency

The deficiency of vitamin B or B-complex vitamins is arguably the most common factor for hair loss, both in men and women. The scarcity gradually makes the hair weak at roots, and the rate of fall increases quickly. But there are simple measures to correct this problem, like intake of food enriched with vitamin B. Including B-complex vitamins in the dietary regime regularly is mandatory to reduce the hair loss rate in this case. These are found both in plant-sourced and animal-sourced food items.


Specific medical processes to tame cancer also cause hair loss. Chemotherapy, done to kill cancerous cells in your body, is responsible for quick hair loss. Your head can go completely bald in a few months, even seven to eight weeks. But once chemotherapy stops, hair regrows on your head with a different texture, shine, and better health. 


Styling of hair is also a factor for quick hair loss. If you do several hair treatments like coloring and straightening, you may profoundly suffer from hair loss. Eventually, your hair becomes dry and loses moisture. The hair falls out at an accelerated rate, and baldness appears. You can avoid this by not going for too much styling and doing hair-care at home. 

Folexin tackling hair loss

To prevent hair from falling out, you can have Folexin as it is rich with different vitamins and other mineral supplements. It is abundant with vitamin B7 that makes your hair strong, and thicker. It improves the health of your scalp. Eventually, your hair becomes shiny and beautiful to look at. The rate of hair loss decreases, and your head becomes fuller.

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