What Is Anavar Good For?

anvarolAnavar has shown its effectiveness, by proving to be the best solution for weight loss, bodybuilding and helps an individual to recover from serious conditions. Using Anavar has proven to be positive and effective on women because the drug is mild.

However, Anavar is proven to be a completely safe steroid than the others, which is widely used by both men and women. The steroid has an androgenic ratio of 45:320, which is probably the most-lowest rating, among all the other steroids.

The use of Anavar has its own set of benefits, for which it has proven to be good medicine, especially for women. Since the drug will not take much effect on men, but women are sensitive beings, and a bit of dosage will offer positive results. To understand the goodness of Anavar in women, take a look at the benefits mentioned in this document.

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1. Anavar on weight loss

The drug is currently named as the “Girl steroid” and women across the globe tend to use Anavar, which will help in enhancing the cutting cycle. Therefore, the women community will not be disappointed, when it has a series of benefits for the weight loss cycle.

Firstly, the drug will provide preserve muscles, and they are considered being the best, for post work out recovery.

By adding Anavar to it, the process will be done at a much faster pace. The other benefit is that the drug, will help in burning the fat quickly.

It is understandable, that women face a difficult situation when losing fat, and with the help of Anavar, the situation will become easy to deal with.

2. The dosage of the medicine on women

Before you think of in taking the drug, make sure you are using the medicine, with the help of prescription, and the dosage should be around 5mg-20mg.

Therefore, it should not exceed more than 15mg-20mg and if the dose is higher then, there might be a chance of virilization.

For beginners, a dosage of 5mg per day will be the best way to start off, it will enable you to experience how your body reacts to the compound. This will give you a proper understanding, and you can generally increase the dose from there onwards. The dosage should be strictly taken in a 10-hour half-life, which means you need to take the dosage in the morning and take it after 9 hours.

3. The Anavar cycle for women

The cycle of Anavar normally takes around 4-6 weeks for women, and there are several individuals who extend the cycle to 8-weeks, in order to receive a satisfactory result. As it is mentioned above, the dosage should be around 5mg-20mg, and the doctors recommend it since the effect is light but will shower with positive results.

Therefore, once the cycle has ended, it is requested you start the new cycle after 6 weeks of ending the previous cycle. This is considered to be very important since you need your body to recover completely.

The summary

The use of Anavar is one of the safest and best solution, for women to receive an instant weight loss. It is requested that you receive the drugs, prescribed by the doctor, as the medicine is illegal in many countries, including the USA.

The drug is taken orally and you should follow the instructions, written in the prescription, in order to avoid the risks of overdose.

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