What Is The Half Life Of Anavar?

anvarolGenerally, the average half-life of Anavar comes around 9.4 to 10.4 hours. For males, it is recommended to take Anavar within a gap of 8 hours while for females it is 10 hours.

Generally, for regular usage, it is recommended that you administer the steroid twice a day keeping the half-life constant.

What is the recommended dosage period?

Anavar is an androgenic steroid that is much milder invariant with respect to the popular marketable brand. It has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 320:25. Thus it can be easily used by both males and females and it won’t aromatize.

For average-sized males, it is recommended that you take around 50 to 80 mg per day. However, in case you have just started with steroids, it’s better to take 50mgs a day. And for long-term experienced users or for a person bit larger than the average size it is recommended that you take around 80mgs a day.

The cycle of steroids should continue around 4 to 6 weeks followed by a must PCT Cycle. However, sometimes 8 weeks can also be recommended.

However, the above-stated recommended dosage is strictly for males and not for female powerlifters. For females, the dosage should range between 5 to 20mgs a day. And it is highly advisable that you never cross the daily recommended dosage. For beginners, the dosage should be around 5mgs while experienced users can take up to 20mgs.

For females, the cycle should continue for 4 to 6 weeks. However, it can last up to 8 weeks depending on how you feel.

Note that in case you have been recommended Anavar by any doctor for fighting off muscle loss by any infection like HIV or AIDS then you should abide by the doctors prescribed dosage.

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What are the benefits of Anavar?

Anavar although a milder steroid has a number of direct health benefits some of which includes

  • Increase protein synthesis

The increase protein synthesis caused by Anavar helps in development of new muscle cells and replacement of old burnout muscles thus creating lean body mass

  • High nitrogen retention capacity

Nitrogen is an integral part of muscle structure. Higher nitrogen retention capacity helps in faster muscle growth and quicker recovery

  • Increase of core strength

it has been seen that Anavar users has a significant increase in their core strength. This is contributed by the fact that Anavar increases higher nitrogen retention capacity. Does more nitrogen means more fuel to the body and the body can work longer and harder.

  • Doesn’t aromatize

Anavar generally doesn’t convert into estrogen and does there are no risks of advertising or development of any female syndrome or water retention

  • Helps in quicker fat loss

Anavar has a huge role in fat loss. Although it doesn’t directly target the fat cells but what it does it helps in preserving the muscle mass. More muscle mass indicates more fat burn..

Any side effects?

Although Anavar because it’s a mild steroid doesn’t have any harmful side effects. However effects like acne, hypertension, cholesterol changes, liver damages, testicular atrophy, suppressed testosterone can be experienced at times.

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