What Type of Vitamin Deficiency Causes Hair Loss?

folexin_bottle_What type of vitamin deficiency causes hair lossThe lack of vitamin-B complex vitamins and vitamin D causes mild to severe hair loss. The rate of hair loss will also depend on your body type, heredity, aging, and other factors.

Vitamin B7 from B-complex vitamins

Vitamin B7 is one of the leading members of the B-complex vitamin family. You may also know it by its popular name, biotin. It is an essential nutrient for maintaining and improving the health of hair. It has got multiple functions that are significant for your hair to grow stronger and longer. It forms crucial enzymes that in turn, make your scalp healthier. A healthy scalp enables the hair follicles to flourish, resultantly reducing the rate of hair loss. It has another fancy name, vitamin ‘H,’ where ‘H’ stands for ‘Hair.’

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Other vitamins in B-complex family

Vitamin B1, vitamin B9, and vitamin B12 are few of the other vitamins of B-complex family. The scientific name for vitamin B1 is thiamine. It can be useful to reduce the irritability of the scalp, hence securing hair-health. The scientific name for vitamin B9 is folic acid that you must include in your diet. It aids in making new red blood corpuscles in body and improves blood circulation. Proper blood circulation is crucial for hair to become stronger. Vitamin B12 has a scientific name, cobalamin. It helps to metabolize protein in the human body. It is significant to improve the overall health of hair and maintain its shine.

Vitamin D deficiency

It is easy to detect if your hair lack vitamin D. If the hair stops growing, then it lacks vitamin D in its follicles. A deficiency of vitamin D has probable linkage to alopecia areata suffered by many people. But people without alopecia can also suffer from baldness due to lack of vitamin D intake. Regular intake of vitamin D can create stronger hair follicles on the scalp. These new or rejuvenated follicles can help the hair look healthier.

Food items rich in vitamin B-complex and vitamin D

There are several food items in the supermarkets and local groceries that have abundant supplies of vitamins. Legumes such as lentils and beans are rich in B-vitamins. Brown rice and millet provide the right amount of vitamins, too. If you love dairy products, then there is good news. Milk, yogurt, and cheese are good stocks of vitamin-complex. You can also get vitamins from nuts like almonds. Fatty fish like mackerel and tuna provide vitamin D in large amounts. Beef liver is also a source of vitamin D.

Folexin replenishes your hair with vitamins

If you want to care about your hair, you may opt for Folexin. It will supply you with vitamin B-complex, especially vitamin B7. With daily intake of a couple of capsules, it may be possible to reduce the rate of hair loss. The hair will become thicker gradually, and your scalp will look fuller. It has got vitamin D3 in particular that also aids in reviving the health of your hair. The problem of vitamin deficiency is not difficult to tackle with Folexin.

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