Will Clenbuterol Show Up on a Probation Drug Test?

Shop for the best Clenbuterol Alternative OnlineThe answer to this would be a big yes because clenbuterol does show up on the drug tests. This gets excreted through the urine from bodies and thus it can be easily detected through technological analysis like mass spectrometry. Currently one of the most sensitive equipments is capable of having clenbuterol’s concentrations detected no matter even if it is as low as 10-5pg/ml in urine. Typical dose that is used by athletes can be in range of 100-50microgram or may be even higher. The reality is that Clenbuterol can easily be detected in urine for longer than a week after it may have been consumed. There have been athletes that were tested positive because clen was found in their urine. Not necessarily they knowingly consumed but may have accidentally consumed it because meats are tainted with clenbuterol.

The controversy associated

Using mass spectrometry, lowest clen levels can be traced even if an athlete is using it in the hundred to fifty micrograms range, or higher even. If there is a drug test being conducted just for detecting the presence of clen then it is likely to show up in the urine, blood and traces in the follicles of hair. It is the most controversial one because people are discriminately in the programs of weight loss as well as bodybuilding. Typical doses get detected in urine for one wek or even longer after this was consumed last.

Clen is used on the livestock for increasing lean meat proportion and thus when humans consuming it unknowingly could invite trouble for themselves, especially if they belong to the background of sports. Many athletes have had to face a lot of rejection in their sports careers because they got positive tested for the substance in their urine and blood. These athletes even argue that clen ingestion was more accidental compared to intentional.

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High doping standards by WADA

WADA or the world agency on doping announced that there are no plans on its part for changing the drug’s status. Though, current situations stay static where the outcome has been that no matter if one has ingested clen as a result of food that is clen tainted, yet they will be debarred from appearing in any sporting events. Initially, some scientists were of the opinion that uncertainty shall be alleviated by having clen’s threshold instituted but the status is not likely to change any soon.

The duration of ingestion

There are further tests conducted on the hair follicles, blood and urine whereby all these are checked for accumulation of clen in the smallest amounts. If any athlete has been taking these substances for more than a year in past, then the test on hair shall turn positive even after the tests are held after a period of seven to six months.

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